Android STB Emulator

If you don’t want to invest in a dedicated android Set Top Box box such as the Mag STB 250 etc then you can use an Android application to emulate both the hardware and interface. The Android STB Emulator application is highly recommended and can emulate the following IPTV set top boxes.

Our service can be used from most android boxes. Generally the more RAM available the better the experience.


  • Mag Box 200

  • Mag Box 245

  • Mag Box 260

  • Mag Box 270

  • Mag Box 275

1. Download & Install the Emulator App to your Android Box

From Google Play Store download the app ‘STB EMU” and install to your android device. You may choose either the free version which is advert supported or the paid version

2. Configuration

a. Open the application and select configure. Under Common settings, scroll down and select network settings

b. Uncheck the box for Enable network cache, then click return / back

c. Scroll down and select Profiles, then New profile on right side

d. Select Profile name 

e. Change Profile name to  GLOBETEVE,  then click OK

f. Select Portal settings

g. Select Portal URL

h. Enter the URL as you see in the image below:  It is very important you get this correct!

i. Select STB configuration

j.  Note the “MAC Address”. The numbers and letters you see here are unique to your set. Write it down carefully or take a photograph and mail this information  to us at [email protected] We will activate your box.

k.  Using the menu button or holding down the OK button on trhe remote, open the right hand menu, scroll down and select Profile, then finally select GLOBETEVE

l. The app will now connect to our IPTV servers.