Apple IPTV Setup & Configuration

This tutorial will guide you through the very simple setup procedure for an Apple TV.

Dansk IPTV wish to ensure that the installation of our service is as easy and simple as possible. Please read through the instructions, refer to the illustrations and you should be ready to enjoy live TV within minutes!

If you experience any difficulties please do contact us for assistance, we are here to help.

1. Connect Apple TV unit to TV and Internet

You should have an Apple TV unit version 4 or later. Connect  to your TV or receiver with a HDMI cable. Ensure it is connected to the internet.

2. Go to the App Store

Search for “IplayTV”. You will be presented with a number of choices. You should select the app  “IplayTV” as shown in the illustration below. Note there is a nominal charge for the app.

3. Open The App to Configure

Open the application, select the ‘PLUS’ to begin configuration.  You will be presented with 3 options. Select “Remote Playlist File”.

4. Channels and EPG

Choose how often you like the Channels and EPG refreshed. Ideally 1 day for channels and 3 days for EPG.

5. Add Playlist Name

Select Playlist name and add Globeteve

6. IPTV Setup

Please read carefully!  After you have paid your subscription you will receive an email with two key codes.  The first being the “M3U playlist url”.  Enter this code in the correct section and click “next”.

7. Add EPG

We will will now add the “EPG url”.  (Electronic Program Guide).

Do not share these URLs  with anyone! Remember they only work on 1 unit at a time. Unless you purchase a multi unit subscription. When done – select ‘Ready”  Setup is complete

8. Settings

Feel free to explore the various configuration options.